Get the Health Record of Your Loved ones on Your Screen

A simple, secure and innovative way to collect the medical history of an individual without any hassle.

Why People Love Medical Health Record Systems

It helps them to exclude the trouble of collecting all the papers of medical reports and make them paperless.

  • Integrate the family’s health information in a concise manner

  • Helps in organizing your family's medical information

  • Assists in explaining everything to the doctor in emergencies

  • Easy access to get the medical history of an individual anywhere just by putting logging details

Digitize Your Clinical Reports & Medical History

If you want to digitize your medical history in an organized way, our system is an ultimate option. It helps in managing your and your family’s medical reports which are generally on papers scattered here and there- in a secure way.

These reports can only be accessed with the authorized log-in details from any corner of the world. Through these details, you can get a full picture of your health records and showcase medical history to a medical expert.

How Health Apni Can Benefit You?

Increase Patient Engagement with Other Patients

It helps in communicating about the details of the patients and medical treatments in case of the detection of rare diseases.

Saves Money and Time

Instead of visiting the doctor’s place just to showcase the clinical details one can share it with a medical expert that saves time as well as money.

Reduce the hassle of Explaining Terms to the Doctors

Patients can just put the concise document stored over their dashboard to the doctors that enable them to prescribe further medication or treatment.

Getting Digitize is Easier Than Ever!

Our solution gives medical professionals a tool that can be used to spend less time on searching various clinical test details and helps in offering quality treatment to the patient.

Improve Your Wellness with US!

Do you want to compare your previous clinical records with the present one? Just put your details and get the access to record them Now!

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